1. Test drive

On April 14th I then received the message that a Renault ZOE would be available for test drive after Easter. So today we went on the 1st test drive. After the formalities such as driver’s license and ID card number had been clarified, there was a short briefing and off we went.

Since I’ve only driven with a manual transmission so far, I initially did a few laps in the industrial park with little traffic. The switch to automatic was surprisingly easy here, presumably because the electric motor feels completely different anyway.

So after a short time we went on the 22 km drive home, which was also very easy to drive. So there is nothing wrong with the driving behavior here.

When I got home, I immediately started to get the (emergency) charging cable for the Schuko socket out of the trunk and roll it out. Connect everything accordingly and …

Nothing happens ….

After a few seconds, the message “Battery charge impossible” appears on the ZOE display. This does not change in the following experiments with a different order of how the car and socket are connected.

After a good hour has passed, I try to reach my neighbor, who has misplaced the outside sockets for us some time ago. He comes over a short time later to take a look at the whole thing.

We check the type label on the charging cable. No indications can be found why the charge should not be possible. The socket delivers the 10A specified on the type plate in any case. We can’t find a solution, so the next morning I decide to go to the dealership to ask if the whole thing is known.

After a relaxed drive back the next morning, I arrive at the dealership, describe the problem and wait briefly while the seller is looking for a technician. Nobody is free at the moment, so, like the ZOE, pick them up in the preview area of the dealership and plug them into a socket. A short time later, charging starts without any problems.

In the meantime a technician came by and said immediately that something with the electrical system of the socket would not work if it could not be charged there.

So, for the time being, I’ll drive on in my own car again. I remain with the seller so that I have the installation checked at home.

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