If it was to be an electric car, the question quickly arose which requirements does it have to meet in order to make it into the shortlist?

For the last 6 years I’ve only commuted to and from work for the most part. The necessary range is around 60 km per day, including the way there and back. Occasionally, however, there are also individual routes of up to 75km. This alone results in the following criteria:

  • effective range of 150 – 200 km
  • which can also be reached in winter
  • rechargeable at home
  • Can be charged quickly so that you don’t always have to wait the 14h
  • within my financial possibilities

With the reference to so-called wall boxes after the 2. Test drive I had a relatively quick introduction to the topic of chargeability at home.

A quick google search for the “wallbox” led me to one Report from the ADAC that this month a range of wall boxes for household use had tested. It was then clear which model would be considered, the ABL eMH1, as it does not require any further changes to the existing fuse box.

Actually maintaining this model turned out to be more difficult than expected. It can easily be found in around 10 online shops, but they all deliver as wholesalers exclusively to traders (electricians).

After a good 2 days of searching I had with the nic e-shop finally found a dealer where I can actually order the wallbox. Also here is a very interesting one List of the currently offered electric cars and their charging options .

In this list, I surprisingly found that the criterion of fast charging at home with 11kW or 22kW alternating current is only possible with two models:

  • Renault ZOE
  • BMW i3

The BMW falls out of the race due to its financial feasibility. So should only the ZOE be left?

At Opel I still hear that the Corsa F is to come as an electric version, but no further information is available at the moment. The dealer tries to get them by the beginning of June.

In the meantime, the Wallbox is available as Product of the Month for May € 200 cheaper and I’m going for it here.

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